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Welcome to Region 5, serving Salt Lake Valley from Davis county line to point of the mountain WEST of I-15 and Tooele County. For more information contact Jennifer Adams by email at

Hi, my name is Jennifer Adams. My husband and I have three children , the youngest was born with severe brain loss. I quickly came to understand that I would be the voice of that child, I had to learn to advocate for all needs. I found myself talking to many people, insurance, early intervention, doctors, specialists- PT, OT, vision, hearing, teachers, etc.

It can be very overwhelming but there are people to answer those questions. Sometimes the hard questions need to be asked. I realize I am part of a community that began before my child and will continue forever. I am the beneficiary of many families and people with disabilities that have gone before me, working to secure opportunities for people with disabilities.  It is my duty and your duty to continue those efforts for those families, individuals, and children with disabilities that are our future.

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  1. Jennifer Adams says:

    Thanks Region 5 for attending the Statewide Deaf/Blind Conference!!. It was great to see everyone. Let me know if you have questions-email or call.

  2. Very interesting article about families with children with autism leaving Utah.


    Please participate in the Disability Law Center Survey. Your help and input is needed!

  4. Jennifer Adams says:

    This is a great video about a young adult that is deaf/blind- how she lives her life and thrives.


    Please visit the Utah Parent Center website for information regarding Transition Mini Conference- May 3-4. Great information for you and your family member!

  6. Jennifer Adams says:

    Camp K is a great opportunity for summer fun!! There are many activities and programs available. Scheduling has begun for summer. Visit
    to get more info.

  7. Jennifer Adams says:

    The legislative review is available- go to to get the highlights from the past legislative session.
    Also, if you are on the wait list- contact your DSPD intake worker to make sure they have the most up to date information about your situation.

  8. Jennifer Adams says:

    This article is about HB400- a trust fund set up for spinal cord and brain injury victims. I am curious to know what you think. Post your comments here.

  9. Jennifer Adams says:

    Hey- check out Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities to find out what bills may affect you or your family.

  10. Jennifer Adams says:

    Please remember to RSVP for the Reception and to invite your legislators. This is a perfect time to meet with them in a very relaxed environment.

    Remember if they do not hear from you they will not know your story..
    Kris Fawson
    Utah Statewide Independent Living Council
    150 South 600 East, #3C
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

    Utah Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities
    Reception with Legislators
    Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
    4:30 to 5:45 pm in the State Capitol Rotunda
    Invite your Legislators to come to the reception to meet you and join in an afternoon discussion of disability issues and concerns!
    To locate the names and contact information for your State Senator and House of Representative Member,
    go to the Internet website enter your address and click on the links provided.
    Call them and ask them to meet you at the Reception!
    Please RSVP by contacting Trisha Rouse at
    the Utah Statewide Independent Living Council
    by Friday, January 27th
    by phone at 801-463-1592 or email

    Thank you to our Sponsors:
    The Utah Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities (LCPD)
    The Utah Statewide Independent Living Council (USILC)
    Friends of LCPD: Deborah Bowman, Chrysalis, Terrell Dougan, Marvin Fifield, NAMI Utah, Sarah Rule Salzburg

  11. Jennifer Adams says:

    The Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee will be taking public testimony on Medicaid Issues from 8:00-8:30 am on Thursday, February 2nd in room 30 of the House Building on the Capitol Complex. If you wish to testify, contact Debbie Benson before 3 p.m. on Wednesday, February 1st at 801-538-1034 to have your name added to the list of speakers.

    Medicaid Issues includes programs in Health, the Division of Services for People with Disabilities, and the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

    Given the short time frame for public testimony, your testimony must be very brief (less than 2 minutes). You may want to make 22 copies of your testimony to distribute to committee members and staff.

  12. Jennifer Adams says:

    Contact your Representative and Senator today. Legislative session 2012 starts in less than 3 weeks. Go to to find your elected members of your community today.

  13. Jennifer Adams says:

    Town Hall Meeting January 26 Elk Ridge Junior High School- Bangerter Hwy and 9800 South in South Jordan, Utah. Meet the legislative representatives in our district. Ask questions.

  14. Jennifer Adams says:

    Meet Jordan School District Superintendent Johnson.
    Nov. 3, 6:30 pm Kauri Sue Hamilton School, Riverton, Utah
    Parents, students, and staff had the opportunity to meet, ask questions, and get to know th new Superintendent. If you have a child that attends Kauri Sue, South Valley, River’s Edge school, please plan to attend. We need you voice!

  15. Jennifer Adams says:

    Opportunity to meet Jordan School District Superintendent Patrice Johnson. Watch for details in the next 2 weeks. Contact Jennifer Adams with questions.

  16. Jennifer Adams says:

    The Deaf/Blind Parent Conference is coming up! Sept 16-17 at Embassy Suites Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact Karen Clawson for details

  17. Jennifer Adams says:

    Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind- If you are the parent or caregiver of a child that is deaf/blind, you are invited to attend the Deaf/Blind Conference. Sept 16-17 at Embassy Suites Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. Matt Townsend will be the keynote speaker with other break out sessions on Friday and Saturday. Contact Karen Clawson to register. Karen Clawson []

  18. Jennifer Adams says:

    School has begun! Check out our newletter and our blog for information about IEP’s, riding the bus, and finding the best way to support your child at school.

  19. Jennifer Adams says:

    If you are not able to attend the USDB public comment time, please email the task force members. Please let your voice be heard for your child and for the future of all people with visual and/or hearing impairment.

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