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Welcome to Region 10, serving Daggett, Uinta and Duchesne Counties. For more information contact Christie Rhoades by email at

I am married to Jim and am the mother to four great kids, two of which have Autism and intellectual delays. I have been a stay at home mom for the last 10 yrs but  have recently decided to be more involved and use the knowledge, experience  & support that I have gained to help others who are just beginning their special needs journeys. 

I recently co-coordinated the First Annual VIP Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt and then followed that up with the First  Annual “Angels” special needs Baseball league in my small community of Duchesne.

My husband & I also run our own business so between that and the kids I keep very busy. If I have any spare time I enjoy lunching with friends,  reading, crafting, blogging, gardening and attending concerts. I have a great support system and am grateful for such a blessed life!

Happiness doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, It just means that you’ve chosen to look beyond the imperfections!

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8 Responses to Region 10

  1. Christie Rhoades says:

    I was just told about this amazing new resource for Autism!!
    So Exciting…

  2. Christie Rhoades says:

    Upcoming People First Meeting Monday September 26th in Vernal!

  3. An inspiring video of a sweet little boy named Danny that lives here in Duchesne. He also attends school with my children. If this video doesn’t inspire you, I dont know what will. Enjoy!

  4. crhoades says:

    I am so excited to take my children to the Autism Carnival on Saturday Sept. 17 At Wheeler Farms. It is so rare to be able to attend something like that and not have to worry about my kids “special” behaviors. If you register before the 25th of August your child will get a tshirt to wear at the carnival, and its all FREE!! Thank you Sahara Cares.
    Come on “Basinites”,
    Lets go to the city for some fun!

  5. ViAnn Prestwich says:

    I’d still love to speak with you for a newspaper article. I haven’t been able to connect by phone.

    ViAnn Prestwich
    Uintah Basin Standard/Vernal Express

    • crhoades says:

      Sorry ViAnn, I did try to call you and left a message. We are certainly having trouble connecting. I had a conference call with Brooke this morning and hopefully we will connect soon!

    • sorry for the interruption, trying to connect with a ViAnn Pope-Prestwitch from Union High School. This is Kevin Ketchum looking to contact ViAnn.

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